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Kristu Raja Public School Started to funcion in June 2007 with a view to impart an integral education ie, intellectual, social, moral, psyshological and physical through wide training which shall develop the character and personality of each student. It is run by the Congregation of Teresian Carmelite Sisters.


Love - Loyalty - Service



The school is followed by Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation System including terminal examination. Scholastic and Non- scholastic achievements will be assessed daily in standards I to IV. Moral science/ Daily Catechism and G.K. marks are not included in total marks : but it is compulsory to secure pass percentage (50%) otherwise he/she will not be awarded grade in the examination. Progress report will be issued after terminal examinations. A percentage of the marks is allotted for the internal assessments. The progress report should be signed by the parent or guardian in the presence of the class teacher in the school. Perfect discipline should be maintained during examinations and tests. Any malpractice, even of discovered later, will be seriously dealt with.

  1. Proper work habits set in early childhood enhance the personality of a child and help him/her emerge as an achiever in all spheres. It is with this intention that the school started a continuous evaluation of the work habits of a child. The work habits comprise; a student’s participation in classroom discussion, completion and submission of class work, presentation of the answer/written work and behaviour in the class. It would also help the school acknowledge and give due recognition to the children who have good work habits and thereby motive others to improve upon their own.
  2. So, School follows a system of continuous evaluation to bring out the profile of the child clearly. The evaluation criteria will cover both the scholastic and the no-scholastic aspects.
  3. The School would conduct weekly Test and various tasks like project, assignments, activity work in a scheduled manner.
  4. For details about CCE and Grading system please go through the following Circulars available on CBSE we site(www.cbse.nic.in) (Circular No. 5/1825/04,
  5. IN general, for the purpose of the CCE, an academic year has been divided into two terms each


  1. In addition to the Scholastic areas, co-scholastic areas like Life Skills; Attitudes & values; Participation & Achievement in activities involving Literary & Creative skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills and Performing Arts & Clubs; and Health & Physical Education will also be evaluated.
  2. Formative Assessments (FA) will comprise of; Class Work, Home Work, Oral Questions, Quizzes, Projects, Assignments/Tests, Just Ask, One Minute Paper, Toughest Point, One Sentence Summary, practical and many more.
  3. Formative Assessment totals to 40% weightage.
  4. Summative Assessment totals 60% Weightage.
  5. FINAL Assessment FA 1 (10%)+FA2(10%)+FA3(10%)FA4(10%) =40% SA1(20%)+SA2(40%) = 60% Total = 100%
  6. Grading system...
    • Minimize misclassification of student on the basis of marks.
    • Eliminate unhealthy cut throat competition among high achievers.
    • Reduce societal pressure and provide the learner with more flexibility.
    • Lead to a better learning environment.
  7. No pupil my absent himself/herself from the examination except on medical grounds the medical certificate must be produced before or during the examination.
  8. Students absent from any examination on medical grounds, or any other serious reasons, are not re examined. Their promotion is decided on their performance during the whole year.
  9. Wilful breach of any of the regulations for conduct of the examination is punishable with expulsion from the examination hall; and if the offence is repeated, it will result in the cancellation of the entire examination. The ensuing results of the examination are final and shall not reconsidered.
  10. All fee must be paid before candidate can appear at the Examination.
  11. Annual Examination is normally held in February/March. The regular classes of the next session will resume immediately after the results are declared.
  12. Results declared by the Principal are final and will not be reconsidered.
  13. Parents should carefully go through the progress report card issued after the assessments and return the same to the class teacher within two days with their signature.
  14. Class assessments must also be signed by the parents as the when directed the teachers.
  15. Internal re-checks, totalling of the marks etc. Will be completed by a scheme a standardization before reports are given out. Hence as a general rule no answer script will be shown to parents after declaring the final results.


In the education of our students, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play a vital role. A particular aspect of these activities is that the pupils learn under the supervision of moderators to do things for themselves and thus to view the practical side of important and abstract ideas of duties, co-operation and responsibility. Facilities will be provided by the school for students to participate in various co-curricular and club activities.